As designers, we do the research and create consciously.

Design everyday products:

We design products that make a zero waste lifestyle effortless.   


Circular Design

We create products that are meant to be used for a lifetime and that can safely be returned back to the soil by being composted.

Create with a zero to low waste process

By living in allegiance to our values, we aim to have a low to zero waste process. 



During the design process, we try to sketch with second-hand pens, pencils, and erasers. Tape that is recyclable. We use glue that is non-toxic, plastic-free (it's potato based with an almond scent!).  We then store the sketches in 100% recyclable binders. 

Prototyping & Production: 

We consciously collect the small leftover scraps of fabric and threads. Then make sure they are 

safely composted back into the soil. 


We aim to have the materials to be delivered in 100% recyclable packaging. 

We ship in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging. 

We ship in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging. 

100% Organic Cotton


The fabric we use is GOTS certified, The Global Organic Textile Standard, certified. We choose organic so that during every part of the system; the picking of textile, spinning the thread, weaving the thread, creating the product, we're not using hazardous chemicals that affect our health, the environment, and can be safely composted back into the soil.  


Link to the certification

Sewn in the West Coast 

We believe that we should know our sewers. That's why we've decided to make products that are sewn locally in Portland, Oregon. The sewers paid fair trade and in the comfort of their own homes to allow them a flexible and healthy lifestyle.   



Fair Trade:

The fabrics we use are currently using are produced in India. Because of the GOTS Certification, we ensure that the people making the fabric were paid living wages. That their employment is freely chosen.That they are in a safe, non-abusive, non-discriminatory working environment. 



We are also currently working on finding and supporting fabrics made in the US.