Hey there!


I’m Vanina, I’m a zero waste designer that lives Portland, Oregon.

I recently moved from the Bay Area in California to start my brand, The Zero Waste Habit



How did I get here?


Right after I graduated from design school. My clothing collection was noticed by a local designer. My collection then sold for hundreds of dollars and I soon became the clothing designer of the store.


However, the dream wasn’t mine.


During my college years, I had picked up a book that completely changed my perspective of design. The book, Cradle to Cradle, illustrated that we design products that end up in a landfill even though they could be nutrients for the next product or for our earth. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a designer that creates in a circular system.


Even though my position as clothing designer was something that fashion designers dream of, I decided to leave my position to stay true to my values.


Not long after, I then discovered zero waste from a blog called Trash is for Tossers. Where the woman was not throwing anything into landfill or a trashcan. That’s when I decided to design zero waste.


The Zero Waste Habit is my attempt as a designer to create products zero waste and that promote the zero waste lifestyle.