Why did I create Zero waste Principles? 


After living with my partner and his dog for almost a year, I decided to create guidelines for me to be zero waste without forcing my practices onto others. 

What does zero waste mean to me? 

By not creating any trash and sending it to the landfill. I  do recycle and compost.  

What I count as my trash:

  • Anything I buy 

  • Items that I use: if I eat from a friend's bag of potato chips, I count that as my trash 

What I don't include in my waste

  • meat wrapped up in paper

  • medical exceptions (ex: when I got my wisdom teeth removed)   

  • Other people's trash (ex: my partners, my partner's dog, my friends, and family) 

  • receipts that I refuse 

What I'm currently doing with gifts that are packaged

​Instead of refusing the gifts, I give it to a homeless person asking for help or food. 

Have any ideas on how I can improve on being zero waste? I'd love to know! Send me an email at​